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2022 AGM

On April 19th, 2022 Southampton Arts held its Annual General Meeting to recap a year in review from 2021.  


Please see PDF files below for more details.

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Southampton Arts Centre

Annual Report


By:  Sharon Barfoot

Southampton Arts Centre

Treasurer's Report


by:  Oron Miraie


2021 - A Year in Review

By:  Karen Friis

It’s been a year of many highs and a few lows.  A real rollercoaster ride! 


Southampton Arts is an organization that reaches many corners of our community.  We operate, on a daily basis, with our staff of four, but have over 20 instructors, over 45 gallery artists and countless students, all under our umbrella.


This means that 2021 covid restrictions affected us on many levels; from in-person gallery purchases to in-person class room learning.  I’m very proud of our ability to navigate throughput that ever changing landscape.  Southampton Arts managed to keep our doors open and shifted many of our summer classes to the great outdoors.


Due to our successful application for Canada Summer jobs subsidies, we were very lucky to have a wonderful diverse group of university students join our summer team, in various positions, from camp coordinator to gallery assistant and media and administration. 


While I have only been on on the team here, as manager, for eight months now, I have learned so much about the importance of our centre, to the artistic community but also to all of our neighbours on High Street.  We are considered an anchor and it’s my intention to go forward and build on this strength.


Our new School Director, Darlene McConnachie has proven a real asset to our organization.  She has single handedly acquired a large class registration list with many excellent courses still available for both children and adults.  Darlene has been especially valuable with her ability to move through all of the covid protocols affecting class schedules, almost on a weekly basis.  


Our Marketing & Outreach planner, Amelia Kraemer was eagerly welcomed to the team and has a very active part in all that you see on our various social media platforms.  Amelia, has designed a very effective and concise style book to update our communications and has been actively engaging with community partners, such as Alzheimer's Society, CNIB, Saugeen Nation, and several new emerging artists.


Judy, our Gallery Coordinator, has been tirelessly updating our consignment inventory systems to match our brand new point of sale system.  This will ease our transactions and create a seamless transition from sale to artist payout.  Judy has also discovered that she has a keen eye for detail when it comes to hanging art.  What you see in this room is by her capable hands.


While it has been a year of transitions and various challenges, Southampton Arts continues to thrive and grow,  there is lots to look forward to, in the new year!

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