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Sun Kissed Waters with Anita Woods

All Levels | 9am - 4pm | 2 Days

  • Starts Jul 25
  • 249 Canadian dollars
  • Art School

limited spaces available.

Service Description

Landscape in Watercolour – Sun Kissed Waters with Anita Woods In this two-day watercolor workshop, we will be painting a beautiful water scene. The rocks are massive, beautiful, and so full of texture. The light bounces off the rocks and dances throughout the water, skimming over underwater rocks! Join in this workshop and find your confidence to paint a beautiful watercolor landscape. We will complete everything in class, starting with the drawing, masking and then start painting our composition. While masking we will be mindful that our masking is part of the painting strokes. Each rock brings beauty to the painting and will be painted with texture and value changes. We will be dancing around the painting! While we think about the above surface rocks we also have underwater rocks. Painting underwater rocks changes the intensity but is all a apart of this beautiful masterpiece. Please note that using small sheets of paper, approx. 8”x10” we will be testing the effects of our underwater rocks. Material List: Paint: (suggestion) - Ultramarine Blue - Prussian Blue - Winsor Blue GS - Indigo - Burnt Sienna - Brown Madder - Scarlet Lake - Cad Yellow Pale - Winsor Lemon - Quinacridone Gold - Perm Alizarin Crimson - Sepia - Burnt Umber Brushes: (use your regular watercolour brushes) - Winsor Newton Series 240 size 1 for wash brush - Princeton Neptune #4, Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold II sizes 14 - Synthetic brush for detail - size 6 Other Supplies: - Masking Fluid (I use/recommend Pebeo Drawing Gum, but other brands are great too) - Toothbrushes and/or scrubbies for softening the masking lines - Princeton Catalyst Wedge to add texture (#6 wedge is very versatile) - Rubber Cement Pick Up (to remove masking fluid) - Salt – optional - Rubbing Alcohol in spray bottle (optional) - Plastic tablecloth for your table - Water Container - Paper towels - Hair Dryer Paper - 300 lb or 140lb Watercolour Paper. ½ sheet or full sheet - Small sheets of watercolour paper, 8”x10” for painting samples

Upcoming Sessions

Location Details

  • Art School

    20 Albert St S, Southampton, ON N0H 2L0, Canada


Cancellation Policy

Adult course fees include 13% HST in the listed price. Children’s course fees are tax exempt. There are NO REFUNDS on classes cancelled by the student within the 14 days before the class begins. A cancellation fee of $25 applies to any class cancelled by the student more than 14 days before the class starting date. Classes may be cancelled at any time by Southampton Arts, without prior notice. Full refunds will be paid if the course is cancelled by the school for any reason. There will be no discounts, refunds, credits or transfers for classes not attended. Important Information about our Classes: Full payment must be made at time of registration. We cannot hold registrations without payment. The Southampton Art School is not liable for any injury or loss/damage to possessions. The Southampton Art School reserves the right to change a workshop’s location or replace an instructor with the same qualifications, in order for a class to run. Smoking is NOT allowed inside or within 3 meters (10 feet) of the buildings. Children’s Class Information: Students must be within the designated age group on the first day of the class. We are unable to accommodate children in diapers. If a child has a physical or learning disability please let us know at registration. Parents/guardians are not permitted to attend classes with their child. Kids Art classes include materials unless otherwise stated in the class description.

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