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Southampton Arts currently has one position available.

(If sending your resume by email please add the job position title to the subject line)

Send resume to:

or you can mail your resume to:

Southampton Arts

c/o Linda Spruce

201 High Street,

Southampton, ON

N0H 2L0

Photographer & E-Commerce Specialist

Southampton Arts is seeking a Photographer and E-commerce Specialist to join our team. The candidate will have the spirit and drive to create exceptional imagery that presents wall and 3D art to our customers through a vibrant online gallery. The successful candidate must also develop, set up, and document a process for the delivery of live-streamed or pre-recorded on-line art courses and workshops. Using still and moving content, the candidate will maintain and elevate the Southampton Arts brand aesthetic throughout multiple platforms.


The candidate should be prepared to work in a multi-faceted Arts Centre and should feel comfortable with managing multiple photography and marketing projects, executing on-task lists, and proactively updating the SA team on the progress of all projects and ideas for success.


Time Commitment:

40 hours per week. Must be available in person for photo shoots and other in-house content capture, however a remote hybrid mix is negotiable.


  • Conceive, shoot, and successfully edit e-commerce content in the form of photos, videos, and GIFs for our website and social media channels.

  • Adapt existing SA website to optimize e-commerce opportunities. 

  • Explore options for open-source platforms and expand our sales exposure.

  • Determine the best practices for live streaming or pre-recording content.

  • Ensure sustainability of new initiatives by preparing standard operating procedures in written and video form, and training other staff members.

  • Work with the School Manager on a fee structure for instructors of web-based courses. 

  • Maintain funding-related documents, such as budget and progress reports, as this position is funded by a granting agency.

  • Work simultaneously on multiple projects. 


The Ideal Candidate:

  • He/she/they is a natural storyteller and brand ambassador, through videography and photography.

  • Can juggle multiple deliverables.

  • Fresh graduates with photography, videography, and photo/video editing skills welcome

  • Is proficient in film-editing software.

  • Has an eye for product photography.

  • Has a dynamic character when interacting with multiple stakeholders.

  • Must be self-motivated, decisive, patient, and adaptable.

  • Retail and/or e-commerce experience a bonus.



  • Demonstrated photography and videography proficiency. 

  • Demonstrated video development for training purposes in the arts would be an asset.

  • Strong organizational and communication skills, especially for virtual organization (Google Drive, email, etc.).

  • Ability to effectively communicate with team members.


Culture Fit:

  • High Performer: You’re a project completer.

  • Thirsty for Knowledge: You’re driven to constantly learn and self improve.

  • Problem Solver: You will navigate issues and be immediately effective, contributing to SA’s mission and quest to make a mark in the e-commerce environment.

  • Passion: You’re enthusiastic about what we do and focused on achieving our goals.

  • Responsible: You effectively manage your schedule, are self-motivated, and deliver results.

  • Attention to Detail: Your work demonstrates a consistently high level of quality.


Job Perks:

  • Inspiring Work Environment: We represent over 50 artists and artisans and attract instructors from throughout southern Ontario; you’ll be surrounded by creative talent and beautiful exhibits. 

  • Casual Dress Code: Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

  • Saugeen Shores Office: You can enjoy the benefits of small-town living with fantastic outdoor adventures. 

  • Remote Hybrid Work Opportunity: Successful candidate can negotiate an in-person model that suits our mutual needs. 

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